Tomilade Adepoju
I had a wonderful experience working with Glass Visuals. They are such a professional team and exceeded all of my expectations concerning them. I had a last minute request and within 24 hours Glass Visuals was on the scene and delivered perfect shots that I am proud of and in love with! I appreciate your dedication, efficiency and perfection Glass Visuals! I look forward to working with you again!
Ife Awojinrin
Amazing! That is one of the words I love to use when defining the Glass Visuals team! From the fascinating videos to the visually stunning photographs, they always bring the best products to the table. The Glass visuals CEO, David Adeogun, should definitely get some praise for creating such a company. Mr. Adeogun has such a perfected sense of media and art. He always knows how to bring realism and understanding to his work. All I can say is well done! I hope this high-standard of work continues.
Mr. Good Good
What can we say about Glass Visuals? As a Collective of individuals, who are trying to impact this world positively, we can say that we have found the very company that will enable us to do just that. In this world, there is an over saturation of "stuff". We're sure the masses, who are being fed this "stuff", will understand what we mean. So much of that "stuff" is being shown and sold to them on social media, tv, news, blogs, etc. And not much of that "stuff" is "good stuff." By the "Good stuff", we mean: that stuff that gets you up in the morning. That stuff you can't get enough of. That stuff that makes you feel happy, empowered, motivated, and excited about life and the future. As an Organization, we're always searching for what will set us apart from everyone else. What will make us standout? How can we make a difference when so much is being thrown in people's faces on a daily basis...? We need to see something unique: The new standard– the new criterion of work that the world has been waiting for. Glass Visuals is the type of company that would produce such work. That company cares about bringing the Art back to Media. They're the type of company to bring the positivity and intelligence back into commercials, cartoons, and shows. Their the type of company to bring the dimensionality, innovation, and storytelling back to TV, and movies, and etc. Look, it's so simple. In this world so full of quantity, it's quite rare to see a company so dedicated to quality. If you want work that's better than the rest, this is the company you go to.
TT Giwa
Wow Glass Visuals was amazing! I'm so glad I got the opportunity to have one of them work on my video. From the hi tech equipments to the top quality video, I must say I would use this company over and over again! Watching my dream for the video come to life even more exceptionally than I had imagined it made the experience more memorable. Also, add the calming aura that comes with working with them and you have the perfect company that you can call family. Ah thank you so much for everything. You are much appreciated!
Elisandra Diaz
Working with Glass Visuals is always a remarkable experience. I have had the opportunity to work with Glass visuals on several websites. The experience is always efficient, effective, and innovative. They value quality, and respect that each of their clients are truly unique. I believe what sets this media firm apart is their desire and willingness to hear their clients story and to understand the vision of their client. Everything is handled with care, and I believe anyone who works with Glass Visuals will be satisfied.
Sola Jolade
Glass Visuals is a truly unique media platform that comprehensively pushes the boundaries of creativity with every project. Working with the Glass Visuals team always provides me with both a cerebral and artistic breath of fresh air, where quality is consistently the paramount objective. Coming from a background in the sciences, I was quite hesitant about how my ideas would be received by a team engrossed within a distinctive artistic niche; but soon after our first project started, I realized the depth of the Glass Visuals vision. Put simply: This life is a storyboard canvas where art is intrinsic to everything and everyone, all that's missing is the telling of these stories. And in my opinion, this is where Glass Visuals shines, as their work and their actions are all informed by a simple creed: "Everyone has a story". Glass Visuals remains true to the pure expression of art and as they grow as a company, I see them becoming true industry trendsetters that will forever leave their mark for generations to come.
Dapo Onikuyide
Working with Glass Visuals is a truly diverse experience compared to working with other creatives. Being able to work with someone who has not only the vision to get what needs to done on a project, but the versatility is very important. The emphasis on professionalism is quite clear, and any project we collaborated on saw it’s way to the client with nothing short of satisfaction. Our ability to treat a client as a partner is a crucial step in our being able to fully understand the needs of a client. This gathered understanding makes for a more realized product and a more diverse way of seeing clients working together with organizations.
Nkenna Ugoanusi
Glass visuals is a professional organization with employees that have an exceptional work ethic. They represent proficiency of the mind leading to excellence. They go over and beyond when it comes to the service they render. Glass visuals are excellent at understanding customer expectations, and going over the top to surpass them. It's definite that you wouldn't regret doing business with them.
Rotimi Adeoye
It's always great working with the whole Glass Visuals team! Whether its working on a music video, photoshoot, or just discussing ideas. Glass Visuals understands and values there clientele, they take your ideas to a whole new level. When working with this team, they helped me think outside the box and bring together abstract ideas to create compelling and thought provoking media; Glass Visuals understands media and art at it's core.
Ibukun Oni
It's always a pleasure working with Glass Visuals. Whether it was working on a commercial, on a photoshoot, or just developing my brand as a makeup artist, Glass Visuals has always made me feel 100% in good hands. Always excellent, flawless results
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